Work experience

A great article about work experience from Jayne Dowle. It makes a very useful point about the extent to which young people are left to their own devices when planning their career support. I understand that initiative is part of …

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2016 – Very little change

In a year of unexpected events and momentous change, it is my sad duty to report that very little changed during 2016 in the world of career planning. I wrote in December 2015 about the fundamental mis-alignment of the vested …

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Employing ex-offenders

When Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables, his great novel about redemption, in 1862, he described it as being about “a progress from evil to good, from injustice to justice”. Hugo stated that the battle Jean Valjean has with his criminal …

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The Plotr saga

So. farewell then Plotr…… I’m not sure if Private Eye magazine have the demise of Plotr in their investigative sights?  The website certainly consumed a great deal of taxpayer’s money and Civil Service energy. The website has been taken over …

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Two new videos

Thanks to the guys at Feature Media, who  have produced a couple more videos for us.   The first is a little showreel / vox pop 3 minuter to give an idea of our employability seminars     The second …

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