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Still Uh-oh!

We posted a few weeks ago about the gap between student expectation of their qualifications and the employers satisfaction ( Basically, young people are encouraged to invest lots of time, effort (and money) on academic qualifications. It turns out that …

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Equal partners?

Securing a job should be a balanced, two-way negotiation. Each partner has to get something “out of” the exchange. For many years, I think there’s been an imbalance here, with numerous hungry candidates chasing a smaller number of jobs. It …

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10 (+) jobs, at least 2 occupations

The CDI (Career development institute) have published a “Manifesto for the General Election 2017“, and it contains some great suggestions. The highlight (as far as bizenko is concerned) is the idea of an “all-age career development service”.  The manifesto explains …

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Oh dear! Our skills training system isn’t making the grade (according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). All that effort within our academic education system, and it’s not generating the results that employers desire. “Poor management has …

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Work experience

A great article about work experience from Jayne Dowle. It makes a very useful point about the extent to which young people are left to their own devices when planning their career support. I understand that initiative is part of …

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2016 – Very little change

In a year of unexpected events and momentous change, it is my sad duty to report that very little changed during 2016 in the world of career planning. I wrote in December 2015 about the fundamental mis-alignment of the vested …

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