20 minute film – Why bizenko?

Dear Parent (of 16-24 year old)

This 20 minute film has been designed to help you and your child understand some of the unpublicised “nasties” of the careers market.   It’s a jungle out there!

There are lots of reasons why we think the current careers provision is inadequate for young people preparing to leave education. Grab a drink and watch the film below to learn what they are.

The film has been designed to be similar to a 20 minute TED talk and has a natural break at 10.55 minutes. The first half describes the obstacles facing your child, and the second half gives some solutions.

There’s a lot of information in the film, but we really feel very strongly that this detail is vital to help you to help your child.  History shows that young people very rarely get impartial advice regarding the current careers system. We really want to help your child access superior career-planning advice, even if they have a job already! (As they’ll learn, the career needs of the individual and the needs of the employer do not always align)

If what we say makes sense and you’d like to register for a seminar near you, please complete the form here



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