10 (+) jobs, at least 2 occupations

The CDI (Career development institute) have published a “Manifesto for the General Election 2017“, and it contains some great suggestions.

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The highlight (as far as bizenko is concerned) is the idea of an “all-age career development service”.  The manifesto explains that individuals starting their working lives now, are likely to have ten or more jobs, and at least one change of occupation. The CDI acknowledge that career development support provision (which takes place mostly within the education system) is no longer fit for purpose, so we must imagine the worst when we anticipate how inefficient it is for those who have already left education.

Of course, this idea will cost money, and therefore will be easy for whichever party is elected to disregard once the post-election promise-fest has subsided (sadly).

However, if only one individual currently locked into the academic endurance race takes notice of this manifesto idea, then it will have achieved some good. If you’re going to be on your own (and it seems certain that you are) you might as well understand the length of time for which you’ll be on your own (until you can afford to retire?)

This isn’t meant to sound negative, it’s meant to sound truthful. It might be unfair to say that “everyone” will be on their own, but I think we can safely call it a majority of people will be left to fight for their own career development.  #timetoupskill #careerselfmanagement


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