Employer petition

Dear Job-seeker

Re: A message from “The Employers”,

Employers are interested in exam grades and qualifications. They are important.

However, it’s a competitive world and because lots of people have similar grades and academic qualifications, we look for something more when we select people for employment and promotion.

We need individuals who know how businesses work and how money moves around, we need people who care enough about our company to look after our customers and we need people who want to work hard so that we both succeed.

These things make a difference to our company, not so much your grades.

In short, this skill is called “Commercial Awareness”. If you don’t yet feel that you have this skill, please go out and get it before you apply for a job, for the sake of us both.  By the way, we think Bizenko is a great place to start learning!

Good luck

Your possible future employer

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Petition endorsed by James Timpson OBE, Chief Executive of Timpson,  who said: “Yes! I completely agree with all of that”