Equal partners?

Securing a job should be a balanced, two-way negotiation. Each partner has to get something “out of” the exchange.

For many years, I think there’s been an imbalance here, with numerous hungry candidates chasing a smaller number of jobs. It has resulted in some unpleasant recruitment practices.

However, I’m aware of a change in the mood music around job-hunting advice. Not least this piece on Liz Ryan’s website. ┬áIt’s encouraging to see.

The real trick is ensuring that you have the “firepower” and skills to deliver on your side of the negotiation. Regular readers will be aware that we think this means something more than how you present your information in the job-hunting process. Having the confidence that you will delight the employer once you start is what bizenko is all about.

I really love the way the article debunks the issue of historical pay.

Interviewing huge numbers of people who’d accepted employment in order to live (before they got their break in a desired sector) was what got me interested in this field originally. Obviously the market is full of people who want to get paid the appropriate level for the work they want to do………. trying to recruit people according to their historical remuneration alone is a bit daft. If you’re worried about paying someone new (and untested) too much, then relax…….. it’s what probation periods are for!

Great article, Thanks Liz.


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