Nasty statistics

There’s quite a lot of evidence that the current careers system isn’t “working” for the young job-seekers who pass through it. This is a selection that bizenko has collated. Much of this stuff never gets reported.

We’re not sure if it’s fair to blame anyone for this mess (it’s been brewing for decades), but we are sure that we have a solution that will improve our customers chances of being ready and confident about employment and their longer-term career planning.

Bizenko sketch lost student

Two thirds of university leavers say they regret accepting a job offer as soon as they start in that job (CEB August 2014).

1 in 4 subsequently leave their first jobs within 12 months (CEB August 2014)

Only 1 in 10 Graduates get a Graduate-level job at all, therefore 9 out of 10 Graduates will get non-Graduate-level jobs (Combination of AGR and HESA statistics)

6 months post graduation, 10% of students are unemployed or “doing something else” (UKHESA, average taken 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14)

In the Milkround Student & Graduate Career confidence Survey (Survey February 2015, 8 months post-graduation – 5688 respondents, 30% or c.1700 of whom were graduates) only 12.6% of Graduates answering the questionnaire were “employed in a Graduate job or scheme” (46.7% were in regular employment, 31.6% were still looking for a job)

723,000 (15.6%) of 16-24 year olds are unemployed (an improvement on last year and the year before, but still rubbish if you’re one of them) (Source July 2015)

40% of jobless young people have faced symptoms of mental illness as a result of being out of work (The Prince’s Trust, 2014)

And then……….. even if you get a job………..

72% of Employers are “not satisfied” by the levels of “Business awareness” amongst school and college leavers. The figure for “not satisfied” relating to graduates is 53% (CBI/Pearson ‘education and skills’ survey 2014)

The “not satisfied” figures for the 2015 survey were 66% and 54% respectively

80% of Employers think the quality of careers advice is “not good enough” to enable students to make informed decisions (CBI/Pearson ‘education and skills’ survey 2014).

In the British Chambers of Commerce survey (BCC, sample size 3,000 businesses) 9 out of 10 employers thought that school leavers were not ready for employment (October 2014).

What a mess! And it’s been going on like this for years. It appears that assuming school and university will prepare your child for meaningful employment could be a mistake.

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