School or University careers provision (FREE)

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We don’t actually offer free services. But beware of anything that sounds too good to be true.

We’ve posted this “option” to confirm that it is possible to get free advice and information from a variety of different sources, including the internet which seems to be full of articles and tips about the process of job-application (how to write a CV, tips for interviews etc).  This free information has a place, but typically cannot prepare you for what your job will be like, or grow the skills that will enable you to plan your long term career.

Schools or University-based careers advice can help you get so far, and then you might appreciate a need to manage the campaign in a much more pro-active fashion.

Typically, “free” careers advice helps you to enter the application market.  It cannot guarantee you a job, and neither can bizenko. However, bizenko can guarantee you that the content of our courses addresses the issues that employers want evidence of in job-applicants.

By training clients to think and plan for their long-term career, we add value that simply isn’t available within a free service. Please be aware not to confuse something given away for free with something that can add value to your personal situation.


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