Bizenko seminars  – Meaningful career support

Key difference

Our seminars guarantee not to follow the status quo of conventional “careers” advice, and dwell on the process of job-hunting (how to write a CV etc). Instead, we will teach practical, employer-endorsed skills that will retain a lifelong value. Our research shows that these are the skills that add value to all parties, and help the individuals most.


What, where, how long? 

Our seminar training requires a full day commitment (9am-5pm). The basic seminar is a single day, although advanced training can be arranged over additional days.   The content is aimed at the transition from education into employment, and concentrates on building commercial awareness in delegates.

We can deliver these seminars anywhere you request. To find your nearest event, please complete the contact form below for us to advise you.


We have specific programmes for “graduate induction”, “preparing for first employment” and “overcoming unemployment”, and can also tailor content to your situation.

The courses are suitable for schools, colleges, universities, in-house corporate training and local authority employability training.

We deliver the seminars via a “not-for-profit” social enterprise in order that we can continue to work with unemployed individuals.

How much?

Prices for our day-long seminars currently start from £110 (at present, an even more favourable rate can be secured via our crowdfunding campaign)


If you would like to discuss the seminars, please complete this contact form:

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