Upcoming seminars

Please see below for a list of our upcoming seminars.


GET INSIDE THE HIRING MANAGER’S HEAD – Day-long seminar for those coming towards the end of education, and anticipating applications for a first job. Designed and delivered by employers who want you to succeed.

Getting a job is a negotiation. So, come and learn how to read the mind of the other party! Getting a job is not only about your CV or interview technique (whatever you might have been told!) CV and well written letters possibly get you in the room. Something else determines who gets hired and promoted once you’re in the room. If you learn it now, you’ll save yourself loads of heartache and hassle. We know, because we’re the hiring managers, and we want you to do better.  If you’re not certain about the idea of paying for this session, please come to one of the free events listed above.

Tuesday 31st May – Harrogate (£60 per person). Click here to book your ticket via eventbrite.

Friday 3rd June – Central York (£60 per person). Click here to book your ticket via eventbrite.


NOTE – As a social enterprise, we try to ensure that our seminars are accessible to the greatest number of people, which requires us to move around the region and country. We are not always guaranteed our venues until we know numbers attending. For this reason we might advertise events without a specific address. This is designed to help us manage costs, and make our events affordable for all young people. We shall always keep delegates advised of full address details as soon as they become available. Thank you for your understanding.