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We posted a few weeks ago about the gap between student expectation of their qualifications and the employers satisfaction (

Basically, young people are encouraged to invest lots of time, effort (and money) on academic qualifications. It turns out that the employers these young people need to impress, aren’t as convinced with the academic qualifications as the young people are led to believe.

It also turns out that this is having an effect on student satisfaction scores at university.

No doubt, this dissatisfaction has got something to do with the fact that fees rise (but rarely fall). ¬†For anybody who recognises this as a problem in their life or their company, please contact bizenko. We’re here to assist.

This is not a dig at universities, which are fine institutions, often doing brilliant work. It’s a dig at a very bad system that misleads a great number of people, at great financial cost.

You don’t necessarily need academic qualifications to be successful in your career. You shouldn’t ignore academics because they are sometimes important, but you should have something other than academics if you want to secure meaningful work. You might learn that something after five years or so in a job (if you can get the job you want), but why wait? We think it’s better to have this knowledge and experience before getting your first job (we’re pretty sure it’ll help get the jobs you want anyway).

The historical situation is, in our opinion, a miss-selling scandal.

Make contact for more details!!

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Bizenko has been created by Nick Palmer to bridge the gap between education and employment. Basically, Nick was miffed when he graduated and didn't understand the commercial world, and once he'd learned a little bit more, he was miffed that the people he needed to employ didn't understand the commercial world. On a hunch that there were lots of people who didn't understand the commercial world, he devised a solution that would save willing participants the cost and heartache Nick incurred to resolve the problem. We hope you enjoy the service.

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