“It’s not fair!” (Door slams)

I imagine we’ve all heard children say this phrase. I used to say it all the time growing up (I have two older siblings…….. cue violin music). Even though my parents encouraged me to accept that life wasn’t always fair, I still hate situations where one person is treated badly. I’m not just talking about… Continue reading “It’s not fair!” (Door slams)

I have no words

Four words that seem to have become ubiquitous. Uttered by learned people, they convey the extreme emotion felt, resulting in “speechlessness”. Parroted by less learned people, they often preface the delivery of lots more words (sadly). But as this phrase has grown in popularity, I’ve been struck by the possibility that they might also be… Continue reading I have no words

What’s the issue with “Employer engagement”?

In the course of our travels through the world of careers, we’ve been asked many times about “Employer engagement”. As an employer what surprises me is the miscommunication between the two parties concerning this critical issue. I empathise with the difficulties facing both parties, but I’m left frustrated by the towering lack of innovation in… Continue reading What’s the issue with “Employer engagement”?

What about full-time careers advisers in school?

We recently wrote a white paper in which we made a suggestion for protected time within the school timetable for career-planning activity.  For many people in the careers debate this might automatically mean that we’re endorsing the provision of at least one full time careers adviser in each school.  However, we’re not making that claim…………..… Continue reading What about full-time careers advisers in school?

Why is commercial awareness useful to me?

If you want to get a job that gives you a career, you are likely to be asked to manage and account for money and resources. It doesn’t matter what industry or sector that job is in, this applies to every job. Therefore you need to know a little bit about the commercial skills that allow… Continue reading Why is commercial awareness useful to me?