The Plotr saga

So. farewell then Plotr…… I’m not sure if Private Eye magazine have the demise of Plotr in their investigative sights?  The website certainly consumed a great deal of taxpayer’s money and Civil Service energy. The website has been taken over by a longer established rival / alternative / substitute / competitor.  Interestingly, the new owner… Continue reading The Plotr saga

Brexit and the younger generation

What a week to be a current affairs junkie! One thing I’m concerned about is the suggestion that Brexit is bad news for young people.  Whilst I’m no longer in my twenties and whilst I am genuinely saddened that the concept of “Europe” hasn’t seemed to have worked for my country, I think this doom and gloom idea… Continue reading Brexit and the younger generation

I have no words

Four words that seem to have become ubiquitous. Uttered by learned people, they convey the extreme emotion felt, resulting in “speechlessness”. Parroted by less learned people, they often preface the delivery of lots more words (sadly). But as this phrase has grown in popularity, I’ve been struck by the possibility that they might also be… Continue reading I have no words

The value of being prepared…… a careers idea from the Rugby World Cup

Forgive me for this indulgence, but this post talks about one of my hobbies, rugby. It’s the Rugby World Cup right now, and it seemed too easy to use this as inspiration for the blog. I’m sure that many of you won’t have any previous experience of rugby, and might be entirely uncertain about what’s going… Continue reading The value of being prepared…… a careers idea from the Rugby World Cup