How to land your dream job.

This isn’t the normal sort of topic for us. We don’t really “do” job-hunting process, and instead concentrate on career training.  But we were recently asked to write a guest blog for mystudentventure (a great service to match growing companies with students keen for experience). This was a question they asked a selection of guest editors,… Continue reading How to land your dream job.

An Interview with Victor Watson

An interview with Victor Watson. This business man has “been there and done that” in the course of a life in business. Building up a company, defending it from unwelcome predators, developing and launching new products, building successful commercial partnerships……… The chance to eavesdrop on the conversation of such an experienced man is invaluable. Please take advantage!

Victor was the Managing Director of Waddingtons, a very successful printing, games and manufacturing company based in Leeds, Yorkshire (UK). He is now President of Print Yorkshire.