What has making an omelette got to do with a business website?


One of the motivations we had for starting the Bizenko website was the desire to create a learning resource as well as a promotional resource.  We supply the online space for a company or individual to promote the value of their business expertise, and in return we stipulate that any communication explains the business case behind a product, service or personal narrative. We think that this will create a Win:Win scenario, other members benefit from your ability to communicate your wisdom.

Demonstrate, don’t bluff!

How did this motivation come about? In our opinion, nothing beats an explanation or a demonstration when it comes to learning about actual ability.  We believe that it’s possible to spot a bluffer from an expert by observing them demonstrate that which they claim to be good at.  Some people can demonstrate ability, others just make a lot of noise claiming to be able to do something.  If you think about the noisy “armchair expert” who ruined the last live sports match you watched, you’ll know what we mean! The loud “shouty” fans are normally the ones who look least able to play the sport in question.

It turns out that this principle is also very popular in the kitchen. Having watched a good deal of celebrity chef cooking programmes, it’s obvious that a good way of learning about a chef’s ability is to observe them making an omelette. On the face of it, an omelette is a relatively simple dish. But it requires a thorough knowledge of cooking in order to select the correct cooking implements, complete the correct preparation and execute the correct timings. Talented chefs can explain the importance and implication of every decision and process in the making of a simple omelette. I’m told that the manner in which a chef makes an omelette reveals a lot about their breadth of culinary wisdom.

And this got us thinking……………. If we want to create a business resource that filters out the bluffers, and promotes the talent, we need to create something that is the online equivalent of making an omelette. That’s precisely what we hope we have acheived with Bizenko. We’ve provided the space and opportunity for others to demonstrate how they go about business. There’s lots of scope for the Bizenko community to learn about other members, infer things about the breadth of their knowledge and appraise their ability.

Instead of chefs explaining reasons for choosing a certain ingredient or thickness of pan, we ask businesses to tell us a business story and let us learn about your business thought processes, judgement and attitude.

We think this functionality makes Bizenko more useful to employers than traditional (recruitment) advertising. The content on our website will last longer than any paid-for advertising, and because of the rating system, Bizenko will keep content in front of our subscribers for as long as they find it useful.

For good businesses, ones with talent and a customer-friendly attitude, Bizenko represents a perfect opportunity to broadcast your expertise to the world. We really hope you take advantage of that opportunity.

By admin

Bizenko has been created by Nick Palmer to bridge the gap between education and employment. Basically, Nick was miffed when he graduated and didn't understand the commercial world, and once he'd learned a little bit more, he was miffed that the people he needed to employ didn't understand the commercial world. On a hunch that there were lots of people who didn't understand the commercial world, he devised a solution that would save willing participants the cost and heartache Nick incurred to resolve the problem. We hope you enjoy the service.