Welcome to Bizenko. We believe that every individual can achieve more in their working life, if only they are better prepared for it than at present. We believe our services, including seminars and 1-2-1 coaching, will make life easier for young people, their parents, schools and universities as well as employers.

What is so broken that it needs to be improved?

The current system of entry-level job allocation is a bit hit-and-miss. For example, youth unemployment is roughly three times the rate of overall unemployment, only 10% of university graduates secure graduate-level jobs (and the vital commercial induction that goes with them) whilst the remaining 90% are left to try and find any employment, which most likely will not be “graduate-level”. And yet, between 40-50% of each school leaver cohort go to university (at huge cost) thinking three years of academia will establish their career.

Employers typically complain about the level of “work-readiness”  in all students leaving education (school and university). Employers can’t really influence the education system (which doesn’t include commercial skills training) and they don’t have the budget or the commercial incentive to train the entire student body in all areas of skills shortage.

There are “catch-22” situations on both sides. Students often can’t get their dream jobs for lack of commercial awareness, yet they can’t get the commercial awareness without a good job and training. Employers can’t get their desired skillset, yet don’t have the time, budget or incentive to train the whole population.

We believe this mess needs to be resolved for the mental and economic well-being of us all. If this topic matters to you, please surf the rest of the website.