Here are some feedback comments from individuals and employers: 

“As someone wanting to go into Film and TV production, I now feel much more confident that the commercial content from the Bizenko Seminar should give me an advantage in an interview.” (EB)

“Nick was a great tutor, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable I feel like he really made the seminar enjoyable. My understanding of commercial awareness has improved and I now feel more confident about my job search and future interviews.” (DB)

“I now feel more informed about what employers are looking for in a new recruit. I also feel I’ve learnt more about the importance of teamwork and remaining calm under pressure in any interview. These things are definitely going to help me at the next interview”. (RG)

“Coming from an academic background, the course has made a real difference by making me more aware of commercial matters, even in the academic spheres. This has been especially helpful given my desire to find freelance work.” (DC)

“The course has been very helpful in improving my interview skills and has taught me how to gain more confidence prior to future interviews. I found this a very interesting and helpful two-day course.” (DK)

“Of all the events I’ve had to do at school, this has been the most worthwhile” (BH, Year 12)

“I have gained a clear understanding of how I can make myself more attractive to employers, especially following the workshop on positive communication. I also have a much better appreciation of the challenges that an employer faces in any recruitment process. It’s much clearer to me now how this insight can help me in an interview.” (JK)

“The course has certainly helped me to re-evaluate my whole approach to interviews. It has challenged me to use my preparation in order to consider more about the hiring company or organisation, and their outcomes from any recruitment process. I think this is going to make a big difference to how I perform at interview. ” (PC)

“ I have improved my confidence in approaching the job market.” (PF)

“As a result of this course, I now have a much better understanding of the needs of any business, and therefore the business needs of any hiring managers. All of these things make me more confident about my next interview, and any employment thereafter. Thank you!” (CD)

EMPLOYER FEEDBACK (reference the last quoted delegate above)

“CD joined our company 6 months ago. Following a very successful job interview, CD has integrated into the Marketing team quickly and efficiently. From day one, he has shown strong business awareness and professional skills. As a result, he has been a very successful addition to the team”.


Feedback from JobCentre Plus / Dept Work and Pensions:

“Over 20 of our claimants signed up for this bizenko social enterprise course. Feedback from this was 100% positive – customers felt it was unique, engaging, different and extremely positive. It made them change the way they thought about and approached job applications and interviews. It is very rare that voluntary courses that we refer customers to get full attendance especially on subsequent days – there is usually a drop out rate after the first day. The Bizenko course had 100% attendance throughout two days which is a testimony to its success”. (Manager of local Job Centre Plus)


“Just a quick note to say how impressed my customers were on the bizenko social enterprise seminar. Each one I had referred was extremely enthusiastic about the seminar and felt it had given them understanding from the employer’s point of view with an insight on how they could promote themselves better for future employers. Apparently you had a 100% attendance record on both days – I believe a record in our terms which shows how successful it was. Really hoping you can provide another course in the not too distant future as it proved to engage and educate our customers”. (JobCentre Plus adviser)

Feedback from HM Prison Service (Category C Prison)

“ I think the course was entertaining because it wasn’t like the norm, there was an emphasis on skills and not necessarily just about qualifications. It made you feel more confident and gave you some key pointers on applying for a job.”
“ It was easy to understand, it felt as though it wasn’t pushed on you, I feel this could help me gain work not long after my release, I’m happy that this scheme could better my future.”
“ I’ve been on many courses over the years and this is one of the first that seems to of thrown a curve ball. It was very motivating and would be most beneficial over a couple of days to fully benefit and give you confidence to get out of prison and achieve our goals”
Feedback HM Prison Service management: 

“A brilliant morning, many thanks”